Hello Webber Community! 

We are very excited to announce that we have changed our group name from Webber PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) to Panther Family Resource GroupOur hope is that this group name will better represent the aims and goals of the committee, functioning as a resource group for all Webber families.

We would like to invite you all to our casual meetings where the Principal delivers updates and new initiatives at Webber as we share ideas, ask questions, and vote on how to best allocate funds for teaching resources or other student needs.

No meeting or volunteering commitments are required from your part, just a time when you will be able to learn a little more about what is happening at Webber, as well as in the Poudre School District.

The Panther Family Resource Group meets every second Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm at Webber. If you are not able to join us, please always feel free to send us your feedback or questions by email at webbernocopto@gmail.com or by placing a message in our Panther Feedback box, which is available at all the main school events.

The mission of our Panther Family Resource Group is to strengthen and enhance the achievement of each child by supporting Webber students, family members, teachers, and staff. We support fundraising events for the provision of supplemental materials that complement the education and experience at Webber. It is our belief that via a team effort we can create a dynamic and efficient learning environment for all students.

If you would like to volunteer your time and talents at Webber, you are always welcome!  There are several events during the year for which we will send sign-up requests. Examples of these are opportunities to chaperone at the Webber Night Out, or the teacher potluck prior to Parent Teacher Conferences. You can also volunteer any day during lunch time between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. (If this is something you would like to help out with, please let the Webber office know in advance.) In order to volunteer at Webber, you will need to be a registered PSD volunteer. You can register at: https://www.psdschools.org/community/volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer at Webber in a specific subject/class, please contact the Webber office or email us at: webbernocopto@gmail.com.

Fall Magazine Sales is a Webber tradition, and is the most important school-wide fundraiser. In the past, donations and purchases from the magazine sales have helped pay for teacher grants, end of year activities, field trips, new supplies for Family and Consumer Sciences, Little Shop of Physics, Geography Bee prizes, Positive Panther/Most Improved luncheons, student t-shirts, new athletic equipment, student microwaves, a panther costume, water bottle filling stations/drinking fountains, bike racks, basketball hoops, and SO MUCH MORE!

For those of you who participated in the Schoolkidz program by purchasing pre-packaged school supplies, please share with us your feedback, as well as any questions you may have.                                 

If your family collects Boxtops, please have your student drop them off at the front office! Physical Box Top clips are being phased out of production, but can still be found on many products. Eventually, the Box Tops program will become digital-only. If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to scan your receipt. The app will find participating products purchased at any store and instantly add cash to your school's earnings online.        


We are collaborating with the Counseling department to help create more parenting classes. We are excited for this year's "Coffee with the Counselors".


We have a Webber Parents Business/Expertise Database so that, if the occasion occurs, we can sponsor a Webber parent's business, and at the same time a teacher can perhaps request for your expertise inside a classroom.

If interested, here is the link: https://goo.gl/forms/qvVx67YQS5Oz1be52


Thank you very much Webber Community!


Webber Panther Family Resource Group

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